UltraAnalytix™ An Overview

Tank Inspections Ltd is the UK licensee for UltraAnalytix™, a patented non-destructive and non-intrusive method for inspecting industrial equipment made of GRP and other composite materials. It is a completely safe and nondestructive inspection method.

The UltraAnalytix™ system combines ultrasonic data collected in the field, external visual inspection and analysis using a proprietary algorithm.

Data can be collected from an external surface often while tanks or piping are in operation, thereby limiting the need for confined space entry. High frequency sound waves, which have been directed at the tank, are reflected back through the laminate to produce a set of distinctive echo patterns. 

The readings are then analysed by the sophisticated algorithms of the UltraAnalytix™ system to produce a detailed assessment of the GRP laminate properties throughout the wall of the tank, including the condition of the corrosion barrier. The inspection can also identify any leakage into the laminate through a thermoplastic inner shell.

There is never a need to cut test samples out of the asset, allowing the structural integrity to remain intact and reducing the need for confined space entry.

The UltraAnalytix™ system is based on more than 60 years of scientific research, including work originally conducted by NASA. 

How does this system compare to other tank inspection methods?

Equipment Operating

Structural integrity maintained?

Internal structural material changes?

Safety factor updated?



Minimises confined space entry?

Inspect time



15 – 60 mins

Visual Inspection

1 – 4 hours

Destructive Testing

2 days


Acoustic Emission

2 days +

Digital Radiography

1 – 4 hours


15 – 60 mins

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

15 – 60 mins


Testing possible

Testing not possible

Testing might be possible (depending on individual tank)

How UltraAnalytix™ compares with other types of evaluation

Traditional inspection techniques require entry into the tank to visually inspect the internal surface and, where there is a thermoplastic inner shell, carry out a spark test.

Tank Drain Down
To gain access for such inspections requires the tank to be drained down, thoroughly cleaned out and certified as being fit to enter. This cleaning process includes the disposal of any hazardous contents or even loss of product. The costs for preparing a tank for any internal inspection which contains hazardous contents is extremely high.

Associated Costs
Costs can include the disposal of any hazardous liquids, any access arrangements if there is only top entry available, and cleaning the tank to ensure the atmosphere is suitable for entry. Additional costs incurred are associated with downtime as the tank has to be taken out of service, along with the requirement for specialist “confined space entry” certification.

UltraAnalytix™ advantages include:

  • GRP of all ages can be evaluated without previous information;
  • Initial testing can be completed on-site;
  • Plant can remain in full production with no shutdown required;
  • Proactive inspection can help avoid failures therefore avoiding costly repairs and clean up.

World-wide, industry-wide

Over 500 customers (blind and lab) tests show the UltraAnalytix™ system performs as well as traditional destructive tests for GRP integrity analysis. Repeatable and reproducible quantitative information allows you to manage GRP assets with the same discipline / scientific approach as for metal assets.

Currently there are 2000+ assets being monitored in North & South America, Europe, Africa and Asia for some of the largest food processing, mineral processing, chemical processing, and oil and gas companies in the world.