Tank Inspections Ltd offers a full inspection service for all types of thermoplastic, GRP and dual laminate composite tanks.

All our Site Engineers are from a tank manufacturing background with extensive experience in the manufacture of thermoplastic, GRP and ‘Dual Laminate’ tanks.

Many tank failures today can generally be attributed to one of the following reasons:

  • Incorrect Initial specifications
  • Incorrect design
  • Poor workmanship
  • Poor or incorrect installation
  • Misuse
  • Physical damage
  • Unauthorised change of use
  • Unknown trace contaminates in liquor
  • Lack of maintenance

Better tank management from the outset should lead to longer tank life, increased site safety, reduced downtime and ultimately will save you money.

Inspectors are backed by experienced design personnel and material testing facilities. Our team have a wealth of experience and knowledge back by over 40 years in the plastics tank field.

Tank Inspections Ltd is the UK licensee for the UltraAnalytix™system which allows for a detailed assessment of the GRP laminate properties throughout the wall of the tank, including the condition of the corrosion barrier. Read more >